Mock-up Homepage

This is my latest on my portfolio homage for Web Media. its changed a bit from the last initial design. let me know what you think???

Its just a mockup so thats why the pics are the same haha

Angel web layout

10 Amazing & Unique Websites and Portfolios

Planning a portfolio website, or any website for that matter is a challenge. Like our teacher says a website is like a iceberg, you only see the top which is above water. Under water is where 70% of the iceberg, and with that is 70% of the iceberg is the  planning and developing of the website.

I have been searching the world wide web for centuries to find some unique and different websites and portfolios, for hours no luck. But then i finally stumbled upon these beauties. I have been trying to find a site i could get inspiration from and loosely base my own portfolio site around.

These are my unique website finalists:

portfolio website

portfolio website

Douglas Menezes

duirwaigh studios

contrast website

diego latorre



havana mojito