Mock-up Homepage

This is my latest on my portfolio homage for Web Media. its changed a bit from the last initial design. let me know what you think???

Its just a mockup so thats why the pics are the same haha

Angel web layout

Hipster as Fcuk

Check out Sunday girl She is one of my 1st addition on my NEW MUSIC PAGE!!!

go check it out up on the links bar. Shes so hipster it makes me  want to suffocate a baby deer……. ahhh just watch the vid then see what i mean hahah AWKWARD………..

Drunken Little Bear

Until this day i still have no idea what this site is actually for or what it does??? but the drunken bear is so awesome and sadly cute and you can ask him questions!! p.s his bung eye cracks me up 😀 Me likes >_<

I happened to find this youtube vid of a real druken bear too. The guy in the vid is laughing a little to much me thinks!!! 😀

Facebook Experiment (day 2)

As you can see posting my blog link on my facebook page gave me temporary visitors with my most highest number since ive started my blog with a small but sweet 78 views :D. But the day after sadly my views have dropped back down to 2 – 3 visitors.


How to add music to your posts (Beginner) 10 easy steps

In this Tutorial by me  (Angel Sagar) i will be showing you in 10 easy steps on how to add music to your posts.

Step 1: Google Mp3 Raid or any file sharing system that lets you download from a url. Im using Mp3 raid because you dont have to sign up you can just search for a song straight away.


LOL @ 17yr olds

My facebook profile is set to private with no pages or pictures showing the only picture they could see of me was this my gravatar pic of this stealth as a mofo pirate named peggy:

And btw i was not on any of their pages, i just thought the whole thing was lol seeing as i basically said nothing at all too them hahaha was just being a idiot really and straight after those comments they added me as a friend and some other guy too that was not even part of the convo LOL just thought id share my LOL OF THE DAY!! 😀

I thought this was appropriate audio hahaha

Tut Tuesday: Typography

This is a tutorial on how to make typography pictures based on a photograph or other picture. For best results i found your picture should have a lot of shadow or contrasting areas to show up more clearer with the letters.

Tools needed for the tutorial: Adobe Photoshop



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