CocoRosie – Smokey Taboo

i absolutely adore CocoRosie and i found this song off their new album Grey oceans and fell in love. Some people call CocoRosie strange by I say im am estrangley in love with their crazy/beautiful sound.

This song isn’t for everyone, but it is defiantly different and interesting, listen!!! now!!! go!!!


Today my tutor told me about this band CocoRosie. He told me to look them up, he said “they have got the most beautiful voices”. I was expecting a average and not too weird band. What I got was something totally different and a BEAUTIFUL SHOCK.

These two girls blew me away with their amazing voices and style. Their style, their style was out of this world. Some may class them as weird but I class them as pure genius.

Just Watch!!!!! Their strangely amazing!! I will also be posting them on my music page too so keep an eye out!