Parihaka postcard set

taranaki typography postcard

This is to be the 1st postcard in the set. They all look similar because i am going for a theme and reoccurring look as they will be all sold in a set together. this one is supposed to be the colours of the mountain.

Typography – Postcards

Are typography class was assigned to make 6 postcards on a political or social movement. I have chosen to do the political and social movement of parihaka!!!

For those who do not know about parihaka here is the parihaka website complete with the parihaka story:

Its basically where passive resistance or as maori call it “paimarire” which is like a lifestyle.

i have chosen to tell the history of parihaka through “whakapapa” or geneology.

here is the last postcard which i have been working on. Let me know what you think??? Its not the final yet though still got some work to do 😀

Parihaka typography postcard

Website Layout Progress

This is my website layout for my portfolio site so far. So far i only have a header, footer and nav buttons, so it is a work in progress. I want to have a cutout look. Like paper cutouts. I will post more pictures as it develops. I have done more but it is still in a developmental stage so dont want to show it until im done. I was even reluctant to show this haha.

Website layout draft


White Stripes – Death Letter

All I could think of when posting this video is all the words that come to my head when i hear this magnitude of epic sound. It turned into a poem:

The Soul of a passionate pain,

a splendid brain,

Got the dirt sick blues

and it hurts like Red, FUCKING RAIN!!!

10 Amazing & Unique Websites and Portfolios

Planning a portfolio website, or any website for that matter is a challenge. Like our teacher says a website is like a iceberg, you only see the top which is above water. Under water is where 70% of the iceberg, and with that is 70% of the iceberg is the  planning and developing of the website.

I have been searching the world wide web for centuries to find some unique and different websites and portfolios, for hours no luck. But then i finally stumbled upon these beauties. I have been trying to find a site i could get inspiration from and loosely base my own portfolio site around.

These are my unique website finalists:

portfolio website

portfolio website

Douglas Menezes

duirwaigh studios

contrast website

diego latorre



havana mojito

Kasabian – Shoot the runner

Just watch it, you need it, want it, own it,


Kasabian  you drum my beat hard!!

Also just found this awesome song from their new album. The song is called Secrect Alphabets. It sounds a bit old skool and psychedelic but i love it!!!! ssooooooo BAD!!!

Dreams – By Any Meanz Mixtape

Im always for supporting NewZealand music!!! This is the music of Richard Wallace. He is a newcomer to the nz hip hop scene and one of my subscribers :), hes trying to make a name for himself and this is my favourite songs of his so far, so check it out!!! He will also be appearing on my music page so keep and eye out!!!

The best kick back and think song – Listen!!!

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