Hey Everyone, This is my (Angel Sagar’s) music page. I will be posting a new song or band at least once a week, including videos, songs to just listen to or even download. Every graphic designer, artist  or anyone for that matter needs inspiration so come check it out!!! Comment and tell me what you think of this page. PEACE O_0

Disclaimer: This page is to introduce you to new artists and provides a few downloads  of their work, if you want more i do encourage you to support their music by buying their work.

Ben Harper:

Song: Ben Harper – Touch From your Lust —–Right Click > Save link as :D

This is a song from his album Diamonds on the inside, Its one of my favourite Ben Harper songs.The brother Ben Harper rocking that beautiful moko tattoo!!!! :D

Kelis Mixtape – Flesh Tone:

Song: Kelis – Flesh Tone Mixtape —–Right Click > Save link as :D

This is what is constantly on my sidebar  to play whenever you come to my blog :D. I think this is the best Kelis has ever been!!! GET IT IN YA!!!! Quote: “Person 1: Do you know when you play this it sounds like your blog is going to eXplode”  ME:”I know isnt it awesome!!!”


Song: Gorillaz – Rhinestone eyes (hooky Remix) —–Right Click > Save link as :D

This song is from the gorillaz new album “Plastic Beach” this album i feel is like gorillaz on bad crack that makes them all wacked out, i however think it is awesome im a mad fan of the Gorillaz since their song “Clint Eastwood”. This is a remix of one of their new songs i found ive posted the original from youtube and a d/l version of the remix. ENJOY!!! >_<

Sunday Girl:

Song: Sunday girl – Self Control (French Soler Remix) —–Right Click > Save link as :D

I Hadn’t heard of Sunday Girl until i stumbled upon this song a few days ago via music blog cats go boom Theres heaps a info about sunday girl on cts go boom blog and i added a link to Sunday Girls facebook via sunday girl title. Theres also a free acapella version there which they encourage you to remix!!! I dont know much about her, all i know his this song rocks my rhythm and DRUMS MY BEAT HARD!!

Pretty sick video too!!! WATCH NOW O_O

The Pretty Reckless:

Song: The Pretty reckless – My Medicine —–Right Click > Save link as :D

I love the Pretty Reckless. The bands lead singer is Taylor Momsen fom gossip girl. Before listening to their music i had never seen her act, this was probably a good thing because i was not blinded by her tween image and could just get down to rockin’ out to the shiz!!! This is my favourite track from them MIX MA MEDICINE PLEASE!!!!

There 1st album “Light me up” with this sick as a mofo cover is coming out @ the end of August so there brand spanking new cannot wait and will keep you posted!!!!

St Vincent:

Song: St Vincent – Marrow —–Right Click > Save link as :D

My Friend Gen (a.k.a Genevieve) hooked me up with this great band called St Vincent. Again dont really know too much about them but found some awesome music which i found inspiring and rad!! checkity check it people.!! I’m in love with this youtube video i found of a Beatles cover, couldn’t find it to d/l however 😦

Song: St Vincent – Dig a pony


Fiona Apple:

Song: Fiona Apple – Sleep to dream

As well as being musically talented Fiona Apple sexy and beautiful, with her amazing piercing eyes and her sultry voice she makes me wanna be a criminal!!! The song criminal is from her album tidal which was released in 1996 so and oldie but a goodie!!! Sleep to dream is one of my all time favourite songs ENJOY 😀 The criminal video is pure genius!!

Song: Fiona Apple – Criminal

Fever Ray:

Song: Fever Ray – When i grow up

I found this awesome chick named Fever Ray (real name Karin Dreijer Andersson) Her sound is awesome and her song totally different from one to the next. This song when when i grow up is one i have taken a strong likeing to, so sit back and ENJOY!!! i have also found a remix of the song which is kinda like a dub step remix, the remix is total stoner music but good for kick back listening. 😀 p.s alternate music always has the most awesome vid, this,  sunday girl – self control and n.e.r.d – hot ‘n’ fun are my favourite videos right now.

Song: Fever Ray – When i Grow up (scubas high up mix)


Song: Garbage – Cherry  Lips

I’m taking it back now and sharing some off my fav old skool’ songs that i love. This is from their album beautiful garbage. This video is again up there i love this song to death!!! and i love Shirley Masons hair in this video.

The cardigans:

Song: The Cardigans – My Favourite Game

I love love love the cardigans to death!! this song losing my favourite game is defiantly up their with one of my favourite songs and favourite videos OF ALL TIME!!! i love the old school car and badass look, Nina Persson ROCKS MY WORLD!! shes so so smokin’ 😉


Song: Blockhead – The music scene

Song: Blockhead – The art of walking


To be honest i was never really a big fan of Kimbra, i mean i always loved her voice and thought she had talent for miles but her songs where to cliche and poppy, but this little beauty of a song is gold!!! The song settle down not only comes with a massively inspiring and wicked video, but also comes with background music mostly made up of just kimbra’s voice. If that isn’t talent and creativity all rolled into one, i don’t know what is!!! To top it all off she is from New Zealand, our very own local talent!!! enjoy!

AHHHHHHH!!! we are so in luck i just so happened to find this massive song whilst looking for other Kimbra songs!!!! its Miami Horror ft Kimbra – I look to you, It seems Kimbra is switching up her style for the better!!, this song was released in 2010 so all brand spanking new :D. It has a real funk and disco beat but is a awesome anytime listening track. This song will be perfect for those lazy sundays 😀

Katy B:

Song: Katy B – On a mission

Totally swiped this from my web design class mates blog ( sorry hazza jay, Hazza jays blog click here ) and with good reason, THIS CHIC IS HOTT!!! i look my reggae, dance hall, sean paul, dub step and this girl is awesome shes combined dub and techno and alternate to make ULTIMATE!!! and for that we applaud and cant wait for the chance to dance to you Katy B!!!

Nas and Damien Marley:

I thought it was about time i posted some decent hip – hop and reggae – “JAH MA RASTAFARAI”

If you have not heard of Nas or Damien “Jr gong” Marley then i suggest you google them right now.

ABOUT NAS: Nas is one of the ill-est underground rappers you will ever hear. His rhymes are lyrical poetry, and no he hasnt just come out of nowhere. Nas has been around for years killing it in the underground world of rap. Just google him now please if you dont know what im talking about.

Damien “jr gong” Marley: Son of the legend “Bob Marley” heard of him? i hope so. Damien Marley doesn’t necessarily rap he chucks hahah i know its a funny word, also google chucking. Chucking is when he is not singing and not rapping, more talking with a lyrical flow. Anway he is one of my favourite reggae artists of all time.

Together Damien Marley and Nas have spawned a genius collaboration album called: Distant relatives, you think that a reggae artist and rapper would just make useless noise together but they dont, they make awesome,  un – heard of music which compliments each others style whilst creating their own unique style togehter.

Below is one of Damien Marley’s songs off his album welcome to jamrock it features nas. This was before they made their collaboration album. Enjoy 😀

Metal on Metal:

The most epic video if i have ever seen one!! From the concept right through to production. It is cinematic genius. i suggest you watch.


I have been a long time running fan of Kasabian, It has been an ongoing flirtation between shoot the runner to this awesome treasure chest of a song called Secret Alphabets. It is like a 70’s song with a 20th century spin. It has al sorts of estranged and elboprate sounds wich alert my ears with meloudious pleasure.

Song: Kasabian – Secret Alphabets —–Right Click > Save link as :D

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