Class Notes

This post consists of all my notes form project one of my web media class. i am wiping my class notes page clean to make space for project two which is making my portfolio.

Below are notes on blogging 😀

Week 2:

Topics covered: The internet, wordpress, URL’s interface,settings

Week 3:

Topics Covered: WordPress – themes, blogroll, typekit fonts, custom headers & backgrounds, pages, sitemaps.


Example of pages

Pages: I have 5 pages including my home page.

  • HomeThis is my home page and where all my posts are. I have made certain days have themes to show a variety and consistency so that viewers can come on certain days if they like and see whats new with tutorial Tuesday etc.
  • About You and MeOn this page i share a little bit about my self. On this page i also tell the viewers what the site is about and what it contains.
  • Class NotesOn this page i will display all my class notes and my own notes on everything covered in class.
  • MusicMy music page was set up to introduce people to different genres and types of music so they can become inspired. I find that music is a big inspiration for me so i wanted to pass that on to people. This page also has inspiring music videos.
  • My ArtThis is a page containing a showcase of my art work. This page was made to promote myself and my art.
  • Tutorials This page was again like the music page, setup for people as a resource. This page will contain tutorials ranging from photoshop, illustrator, wordpress and much more. i have set this page and the music page up as a way of receiving traffic and sharing the knowledge and resources i have found.

Blog Roll:

Example of Blog roll

I have added a blog roll containing all the people in our web design class and their blogs.

Typekit Fonts:

typekit example

Typekit font information

I have selected the Typekit font: Orbitron, Typekit Tag: h1

I have chosen this font because in my other pages i can not just regularly post like the home page, so i have chosen this font to distinguish between different headings throughout the page so it has some layout and can be easily separated into artist, categories etc. I have places this font all through my heading one tag. h1

Headers & Theme:

Below are some examples of headers i have made if you want to see all the headers than you can click through the pictures or the links to get to my posts showing all the headers i have made. The theme i am currently using is the koi theme with a custom background and header.

Click through to see 1st headers made:

Click through to see Development of current Header:

1st example of header

development of current header

1st attempt background

Site Maps:

Site Map

Week 4:

Topics Covered: Social Media, widgets, visitors, content is king, following, maintenance.

Week 4

Week 4

Week 4 Content is King

Week 4 Blog Maintenance

Blog maintenece Checklist with Timeframe

Social Media & Visitors:

I think social media is a very big and important way to get your blog out there. Through social media you can get a lot of traffic, referrals and subscribers, i also think it is a great way to get yourself out there as an artist.

Ways i have interacted and connected my blog with social media are:

  • Applying 2 share buttons at the end of my posts and pages, one for facebook and one for twitter. So any post can be easily uploaded to any of these social networking sites.
  • i have added widgets such as flickr and delicious to share my bookmarks and art with the world.
  • I frequently add videos from youtube and use funny or “cool” youtube videos as a way of attracting visitors.
  • I have also been adding post on experiments i have been doing with my facebook to try and get traffic through social media.
  • I have also created the music and the tutorials page as a way to get visitors to come. I have also made my own tutorial and it has been refereed through the search 5 times.

Twitter and Facebook share button

Widgets i have displayed

Facebook experiments dashboard graph

To see all posts on facebook experiments CLICK HERE! search referals

Click here to see i am number one for the title of my tutorial.

Week 5:

Topics Covered: Statistics, Search Engines, SEO, Keywords, Guest Speaker on SEO.

SEO Guest Speaker Notes

Keyword Research:

Using the Google keyword tool i searched for phrases that summed up what my blog content was about and what i did. My keywords i researched were: CLICK HERE to view all SEO posts.

Words relating to student:

  • Creative graphic student – 10 searches
  • Student graphic designer – 590
  • Student graphic designers – 170
  • Graphic Students – 170
  • Graphic art student – 22
  • creative arts student – 170

Words relating to what my blog is about:

  • Graphic art inspiration – 46
  • creative art inspiration – 10
  • Creative design and print – 480

Based on my research i chose to make a post consisting of the words “creative art inspiration” and “creative graphic art student” to aid the search i even changed the name of my blog and the post title to Creative art inspiration.

CLICK HERE to view all SEO posts.

After doing this exercise i found it was difficult and almost impossible to find my post in google. I will do more keyword searches and try harder to get at least to the first page. I think google is the best way to get yourself out there.

Week 6:

Topics covered: Be social be safe, Commenting, Moderating comments, best practices, dangers, ethics.

Ethics & Dangers of Blogging

Comments policy:

My Comment Policy: CLICK HERE or on uncle sam to view my comment policy

Value comments between classmates:

Example of commenting between classmates

Example 2 of commenting between classmates

These are both examples of commenting with value. In both instances i have commented on a problem or difficulty and tried to give them advice on how to resolve their issues. If i didn’t know the answer i would sometimes ask them for help.

Code of Ethics:

I have decide to write my code of ethics in the form of my seven deadly sins on blogging:


My seven deadly sins of blogging:

  1. Thou shalt not take anyone’s name in vain and trash talk.
  2. Thou shalt not spam thine or anyone person’s blog.
  3. Thou shalt not use so many widgets and useless features that the only clear place to click is the big X for abort.
  4. Thou shalt not read nor look at boring, generic content. Thou prefers weird over boring.
  5. Thou shalt not use swearing as an adjective after every noun.
  6. Thou shalt not giveth with BIG TYPE then taketh away with small type.
  7. Thou shalt always comment and keep visitors smiling.

Communicate with a professional:

I have chosen to try and communicate with a professional graphic designer. I had found that someone had subscribed via email to my blog that i didn’t know (because i have a whole 3 people subscribe and btw 2 are family so they don’t count) so i decided to see if they had a website or something. I then found he did and he was a graphic designer which was pretty cool. I then found he had a blog too which was even better. i simply left a comment on his page asking if he had any advice for someone going into the graphic design field (which was scary and he probably thinks im a stalker now). here is my comment i left on his blog:

Below is a copy of what i said:

“Hey my name is angel just wanted to say really like your blog, especially your photography!! im currently studying graphic design, my blog which you’ve subscribed to is an assignment for my web design class, i was just wondering whether you could give me any tips or advice on the graphic design industry?? As a student it would be really helpful. And maybe some people that inspire you? Well if you have time get back to me if not thats cool :D And im going to post some pics of yours on my blog with a link through to your site and blog because your work is awesomely inspiring. that is all. :D

CLICK HERE for a link to the comment

He has since then replied and sent me an email, but i am just waiting to see whether it is ok for me to post it here, it he says yes then my communication should be posted here shortly.

Communication with a blogger:

i have also tried to communicate with bloggers. i tried to find someone who had a blog to do with art and inspiration and simply comment on their blog not asking any questions, i then wanted to see whether they would reply or not???

Example of comment to blogger

Bloggers reply to my comment

This comment was very successful, in giving praise i received praise and it helps to comment to get other people from all over the world coming to your blog rather than the same visitors that may overtime, move on from your blog and look for new content.


I have recently been trying to get my work out there and create some traffic via forums, so far i have tried to forums:

  1. Blogeries
  2. Gp Forums NZ

I have posted about my blog on my bloggeries in a show me your blog thread, you cant post direct links in your post unless you’ve made a certain amount of post etc on bloggeries which was annoying but ok because i added my blog URL to my profile. No one on bloggeries replied to my post yet, but will keep looking and posting on different threads.

I have also posted one of my pieces of work on gp forums (gpod) in their art and photography categories in the “post your latest art” thread. i have also attached a link to my blog to showcase my other work and get traffic 😀 which would be a plus.

In GP Forums and managed to get a reply and some feedback on my work which is awesome. I also added a “valued comment” and replied.

If you can not see the text clearly here is a copy of the post and reply:

Reply to work:

That is frickin sweet man.

Could be cool to be able to make out some words amongst the text rather than just letters… don’t know how that would work though. Still, really really like it. _b _b

My reply:
Thanks it was my 1st experiment with typography i was just basically using the letter a which is the start of my name. But will defiantly try whole sentences, thanks for the feedback.
Referals from the gpforums thread:

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Philippa Berry Smith
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 10:22:40

    I really like the visual treatment you’ve given ur notes, makes me wanna read them! 🙂


  2. angelcakes45
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 22:09:24

    Thanking you 😀 i wanted to try and make it bearable and exciting for people to look at an learn from, the only down side is that people for the people who have dial up it will take a while to load. So i have decided to post in text form underneath as well to solve this problem. 😀


  3. Philippa Berry Smith
    Aug 30, 2010 @ 00:55:13

    Good idea 🙂 The text will also make it more searchable for Google.


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