Radiohead – House of Cards

I love me some Radiohead, while I was researching data visualisation I stumbled across this wicked song and its amazing video. Radiohead’s video – House of cards is made entirely from coding!!! It is truly beautiful and defiantly amazing!!!!!!!.

I am seriously getting wickedly obsessed with coding now and I have even yet to attempt any!!! so wish me luck as I try to make some data visualisation over the next few months hahaa

Enjoy the song and extraordinary video!!


CocoRosie – Smokey Taboo

i absolutely adore CocoRosie and i found this song off their new album Grey oceans and fell in love. Some people call CocoRosie strange by I say im am estrangley in love with their crazy/beautiful sound.

This song isn’t for everyone, but it is defiantly different and interesting, listen!!! now!!! go!!!

White Stripes – Death Letter

All I could think of when posting this video is all the words that come to my head when i hear this magnitude of epic sound. It turned into a poem:

The Soul of a passionate pain,

a splendid brain,

Got the dirt sick blues

and it hurts like Red, FUCKING RAIN!!!

Metal on metal – Bastard

Whilst scrolling through the mass content of the world wide web i cam across this beauty of a video. It is both sick and twisted but totally awesome. The music is pretty cool too. If you would ever pay to see a show, this would be it. There cinematography is brilliant. They have captured the crowd so well. A bunch of high paid sadistic sickos.

The concept is genius and so is the song.  i checked out some of there other songs and their pretty sweet. Metal on metal, i suggest you check them out!!  They will also defiantly going on my music page!!!

So head along to my music page and check em’ out.

Music Monday – Nas and Damien Marley

I have recently posted on my music page Nas and Damien “jr gong” Marley. Underground meets reggae, Togehter on their collaborative album “distant relatives” they are killing it with chilling beats and sick lyrical flows. Check it out.

Wacky DJ Inspired – For the creative brain

Let the Force be with you as Darth DJ spins your creative brain. This post was inspired by the wacky dj, i wanted to show you how its done by a real dj and how a stupidly funny video can inspire you and spawn this still funny but awesome video.

Music Inspiration: Kimbra – Settle down

In Typography class today Connor showed me this awesome awesome video. I had heard of Kimbra before this and didn’t really like her stuff or her music at all, it was all a bit poppy and lovey dovey but this, THIS, this is cool. Its super original and watching the live version i realised that the background music is mostly made up of her voice which to me is amazing!!!!!!! I hope she keeps making music like this and videos like this, I LOVE IT!!! This one i defiantly going on my music page!!! and she is New Zealand music too so got to love that!

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