Data Visualisation Research

Hey everyone in cyberspace,

i have been so lazy lately and havent been blogging much which is very strange, because i am a blogaholic!!! schools been getting crazy!!! busy. i have been focusing most of my time around making some installation art.

At school i have been trying to make a 3dimensional space which will show what my blog would look like. Crazy, i know! and im only in my 1st year on uni so everyone thinks im crazy for taking on such an epic task and doing an installation!!

But…. i have decided to make a data visualisation of the traffic flow through my blog and out through links people have clicked on that day and links clickable from those sites.

If you are unsure what data visualisation is, you will be amazed everything is done with coding, its pretty much making data look pretty, check out some cool data visualisations i have found!!

Its my new crazed obsession and i cant wait to try it out when i fin school in november!!!!

Data Visualisation of tags on

data visualisation

data visualisation orange

data visualisation blue

Visualisations of blogspace:

blog tree data visualisation

Glass sculptures made from a data visualisation:

glass data visualisation

Handmade Data Visualisation:

handmade data visualisation

White Stripes – Death Letter

All I could think of when posting this video is all the words that come to my head when i hear this magnitude of epic sound. It turned into a poem:

The Soul of a passionate pain,

a splendid brain,

Got the dirt sick blues

and it hurts like Red, FUCKING RAIN!!!

Animate my world with street style

Blu and David Ellis = Street Art Genius of gigantic proportions. If ever there was such a huge task and making and creating street art this video would be up there. The things people do amaze me so much!! and these two guys AMAZE THE FCUK out of me!!!

To go through such an effort and make this video so we can sit here watching it is awesome.

Thanks guys!!! enough of my ranting and praise, let us enjoy the video.

Ravenskar or Viet-My Bui – Inspiration of the day

All i can say about this girl is WOW. How can so much talent come out of one little lady, and talent she does have. Talent with a capital “T”

This little lady i am talking about is Viet-My Bui A.K.A Ravenskar. She is a 22 yr old Vietnamese woman who rocks my world. These pictures below are everything i want to and wish i could paint. I have recently done a painting class at uni and realised i love it. This is the kind of level of art i want to be pumping out. but i am a long way away from this yet!!! A LONG WAY!! but ill get there :).

Its girls like this drawing kick ass paintings and pictures with attitude and style who aspire me to dream bigger, go further, feel uncomfortable, as i push through my comfort zone and try something that scares the hell out of me. That something is TRYING NEW THINGS. I also highly recommend her blog. 🙂

Today Ravenskar you are my inspiration and my motivator. I hope she becomes your inspiration too.

Visit Ravenskar A.K.A Viet-My Bui:

Ravenskar viet-mybuiravenskar viet-my buiRavenskar Viet-My BuiViet-My Bui

ravenskar viet-my bui

5 Different Inspiring photographers

I have put togehter 5 photographers i have found when browsing through the net and have loved their photographic work. I have put in 5 different photographers all with their own individual style. Some of these photographers have been my favorites for years and some are new to me that i have recently discovered. I hope they inspire you to pick up your camera and stating taking photographs. ENJOY!

There is link through to all photographers sites or blogs so there easy for you to find if you want to know more and see more of their stunning work.

John Wright:


Cass Bird: (i have put her tumblr/blog link in because her main website doesnt seem to be working at the moment :))

Cass bird

Cass Bird Ripped jeans

cass bird black and white

Christopher Wilson:

christopher wilson

christopher wilson surfer

Ashely Lebedev:

ashely lebedev

Ashely Lebedev

Neil Lawler:

neil lawler

Neil Lawler

Dave Hill:

Dave Hill

Dave Hill

Website Wednesday – Airbrush Art (Brian M. Viveros)

EVERYONE OF THE WORLD, everyone of the internet, everyone in my webclass, everyone following my blog, everyone of my visitors, you need to see this eye – mazing!! airbrush art.

His name: Brian M. Viveros

His talent: Painting

My job: To show his art to the world!!!

Look with your eyes an be amazed at this genuis!!!

Brian M. Viveros






Website Wednesday – Media Militia

This has been one of my favourite sites where constantly spend hours scrolling through their inspiration pages. I get very lost when i find a good site and i think this is a great sit to get lost in, which i have done many a times.

Media Militia also have pages of free textures, graphics and brushes etc. which are all royalty free 😀 this is awesome because you can mix business with pleasure and reap the rewards. 😀

Go get lost in media militia. Enjoy.

media militia

These are just some of the many pictures, illustrations etc. from media militia i found to be quite amusing hehehe.

shit shelter


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