My website is live.

My portfolio website is finally live!! there is a few gliches but i will be working on them in the next few days, i also want to change some of the content, but for now to test it live, it is up.


Its on a free domain and free hosting whilst i try it out and get it right.

Give me feedback people, please comment!!


Final Looks for my portfolio website

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home page

This is a compilation of my final screenshots from my final coded website. i will be a link to its url when it goes live. 😀

My home page – Redesigned!!

I have decided to step up my game and get straight into this coding business head first. Since spending a whole day in class i came home and was inspired to step up my game!! 😀 So i have posted a before and after of my homepage so you can tell me what you think. I am also happy to say that my new home page is fully coded.. YAY!!!


website layout original


new home page

Note: The images are all the same at the moment well i sort out my layout and build my page, once i finish i will insert the images i will use. They will still have the polaroid frame 😀

Parihaka postcard set

taranaki typography postcard

This is to be the 1st postcard in the set. They all look similar because i am going for a theme and reoccurring look as they will be all sold in a set together. this one is supposed to be the colours of the mountain.

Typography – Postcards

Are typography class was assigned to make 6 postcards on a political or social movement. I have chosen to do the political and social movement of parihaka!!!

For those who do not know about parihaka here is the parihaka website complete with the parihaka story:

Its basically where passive resistance or as maori call it “paimarire” which is like a lifestyle.

i have chosen to tell the history of parihaka through “whakapapa” or geneology.

here is the last postcard which i have been working on. Let me know what you think??? Its not the final yet though still got some work to do 😀

Parihaka typography postcard

Website Layout Progress

This is my website layout for my portfolio site so far. So far i only have a header, footer and nav buttons, so it is a work in progress. I want to have a cutout look. Like paper cutouts. I will post more pictures as it develops. I have done more but it is still in a developmental stage so dont want to show it until im done. I was even reluctant to show this haha.

Website layout draft


Inspire me Jimi

I found my Jimi Hendrix stencil i made for print media class last night and i went crazy with it. hehe. I grabed an old book i got from the salvation army and decided to restyle the cover in jimi. hahaha My favourite is the horned devil jimmi balloon. I call these paint doodling hahaha enjoy.

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