My website is live.

My portfolio website is finally live!! there is a few gliches but i will be working on them in the next few days, i also want to change some of the content, but for now to test it live, it is up.


Its on a free domain and free hosting whilst i try it out and get it right.

Give me feedback people, please comment!!

Final Looks for my portfolio website

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home page

This is a compilation of my final screenshots from my final coded website. i will be a link to its url when it goes live. 😀

My home page – Redesigned!!

I have decided to step up my game and get straight into this coding business head first. Since spending a whole day in class i came home and was inspired to step up my game!! 😀 So i have posted a before and after of my homepage so you can tell me what you think. I am also happy to say that my new home page is fully coded.. YAY!!!


website layout original


new home page

Note: The images are all the same at the moment well i sort out my layout and build my page, once i finish i will insert the images i will use. They will still have the polaroid frame 😀

Radiohead – House of Cards

I love me some Radiohead, while I was researching data visualisation I stumbled across this wicked song and its amazing video. Radiohead’s video – House of cards is made entirely from coding!!! It is truly beautiful and defiantly amazing!!!!!!!.

I am seriously getting wickedly obsessed with coding now and I have even yet to attempt any!!! so wish me luck as I try to make some data visualisation over the next few months hahaa

Enjoy the song and extraordinary video!!

CocoRosie – Smokey Taboo

i absolutely adore CocoRosie and i found this song off their new album Grey oceans and fell in love. Some people call CocoRosie strange by I say im am estrangley in love with their crazy/beautiful sound.

This song isn’t for everyone, but it is defiantly different and interesting, listen!!! now!!! go!!!

Mock-up Homepage

This is my latest on my portfolio homage for Web Media. its changed a bit from the last initial design. let me know what you think???

Its just a mockup so thats why the pics are the same haha

Angel web layout

Data Visualisation Research

Hey everyone in cyberspace,

i have been so lazy lately and havent been blogging much which is very strange, because i am a blogaholic!!! schools been getting crazy!!! busy. i have been focusing most of my time around making some installation art.

At school i have been trying to make a 3dimensional space which will show what my blog would look like. Crazy, i know! and im only in my 1st year on uni so everyone thinks im crazy for taking on such an epic task and doing an installation!!

But…. i have decided to make a data visualisation of the traffic flow through my blog and out through links people have clicked on that day and links clickable from those sites.

If you are unsure what data visualisation is, you will be amazed everything is done with coding, its pretty much making data look pretty, check out some cool data visualisations i have found!!

Its my new crazed obsession and i cant wait to try it out when i fin school in november!!!!

Data Visualisation of tags on

data visualisation

data visualisation orange

data visualisation blue

Visualisations of blogspace:

blog tree data visualisation

Glass sculptures made from a data visualisation:

glass data visualisation

Handmade Data Visualisation:

handmade data visualisation

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