Ravenskar or Viet-My Bui – Inspiration of the day

All i can say about this girl is WOW. How can so much talent come out of one little lady, and talent she does have. Talent with a capital “T”

This little lady i am talking about is Viet-My Bui A.K.A Ravenskar. She is a 22 yr old Vietnamese woman who rocks my world. These pictures below are everything i want to and wish i could paint. I have recently done a painting class at uni and realised i love it. This is the kind of level of art i want to be pumping out. but i am a long way away from this yet!!! A LONG WAY!! but ill get there :).

Its girls like this drawing kick ass paintings and pictures with attitude and style who aspire me to dream bigger, go further, feel uncomfortable, as i push through my comfort zone and try something that scares the hell out of me. That something is TRYING NEW THINGS. I also highly recommend her blog. 🙂

Today Ravenskar you are my inspiration and my motivator. I hope she becomes your inspiration too.

Visit Ravenskar A.K.A Viet-My Bui:

Ravenskar viet-mybuiravenskar viet-my buiRavenskar Viet-My BuiViet-My Bui

ravenskar viet-my bui


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