Forum Newborn – (Forum baby Jesus)

I have recently started looking through different types of forums, from design to blogging and trying and get myself out there and also see what other people are doing. i tried bloggeries and didn’t really find what i was looking for there (but was still  good to see other peoples blogs:D), so i tried gp forums which is a NZ gaming forum but has art threads etc. and found this awesomely inspiring work that was like heaven for my eyes O_O.

I had to be a little stalker and check out his profile and find his name and google him, which btw is become real common for me and i dont know whether it is good or bad???. Anyway if i find someones work that totally ignites the inspiration flame i always credit them and want to share their work with the world because thats what i want to do with my work 😀 anyway this is some of the work of:

Jono Hislop Hes an NZ designer from what i could find out (which is awesome because finding other kiwis doing the same thing is mean!!) ENJOY!!

The lion is so so so my favourite

Jono’s Portfolio – click here


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